Delivering professional IT support without a fixed monthly service agreement

No matter the size or scope of your Canberra operation, you’ll know that having healthy technology goes a long way to ensuring a healthy business. You’ll also know that committing to ongoing monthly fees for the support you require is not always the most cost-effective way of securing exactly the level of IT services your company or organisation requires.

Introducing the ADW IT Hourly Support Service

Knowing the financial constraints when running or managing a business, we believe that this is a truly effective way to make sure you have the IT support you need – and only when you need it. Many companies do request constant or regular IT support – and that’s a service we regularly provide, as well.

However, unlike other operators who only offer this option, we know that needs can be more sporadic, vary at times, and even be seasonal. Wouldn’t it be terrific to have access to an option where the provider doesn’t expect you to pay every month for what you simply often don’t need? There are many situations where this service would be a great option.

  • Start-ups, where initial cash flow can be tight
  • IT service needs vary from time to time
  • Growing small businesses, still with limited, but often urgent IT support needs
  • Established businesses, whose team might need occasional or intermittent outsourced support
  • Perhaps during times of growth and expansion, to cope with key projects, or even unexpected staff absences

How can our team help with your IT Support for a fixed hourly fee?

Our experienced team can assist with the creation, installation and maintenance of different sizes and complexities of computer networks, either to meet current needs or planned expansion. We can deliver the swift broadband and other internet capabilities to keep you online and in-touch. We can deal effectively with those frightening moments, such as the sudden need for confidential data and file recovery, or the removal of malicious threats; and help you ensure that such problems don’t arise again.

Discuss how you would make best use of fixed fee IT hourly support in and around Canberra

You might have key questions needing answering, sudden problems to be overcome. You may need to boost your IT services capability for a short period. You might simply prefer a pay-as-you-use option to an unchanging commitment.

A call to 6262 3000, obligation-free of course, will allow us to discuss your specific needs and how they can best be met. Simple as that – so do call our ADW professionals now…